ZI-CT Zirconium Ceramic

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Creation ZI-CT/ Bleach, 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Bleach For pearly – white aesthetics To embrace the current trend towards v..
Creation ZI-CT/ Clear (CL-O, UC), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Clear (CL-O, UC) The clear translucent powder can add to the beauty of a restora..
Creation ZI-CT/ Correction Powder (KM), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Correction Powder (KM), 20g Correction Powder (KM) is specially used for small a..
Creation ZI-CT/ Dentine (D), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Dentine - Veneering Ceramic Zirconium Dioxide (D) Closest to the original – ahea..
Creation ZI-CT/ Effect Enamel (SI), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Effect Enamel (SI) The SI incisal powders complement the standard Creation Ename..
Creation ZI-CT/ Effect Enamel (SO), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Effect Enamel (SO) SO10 is usually used on the distal edges of the teeth to mark..
Creation ZI-CT/ Enamel (E), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Enamel (E) There are 4 standard enamels. Each has a different value ranging from..
Creation ZI-CT/ Frame Shade (NT), 4g
Creation ZI-CT / Frame Shade (NT) The special bonding agent Frame Shade NT guarantees strong adhe..
Creation ZI-CT/ Ginigva, 15g
Creation ZI-CT / Gingiva Naturally beautiful gingival reproductions can be created with incredibl..
Creation ZI-CT/ Glaze (GL), 10g
Creation ZI-CT / Glaze (GL) To achieve the ultimate result during the glaze bake, it is recommend..
Creation ZI-CT/ Neck Transpa (HT), 15g
Creation ZI-CT / Neck Transpa (HT) The Neck Translucent powders (HT) can be used in the cervical ..
Creation ZI-CT/ Opaque Dentine intensive (OD), 15g
Creation ZI-CT / Opaque Dentine intensive (OD) The Opaque Dentine intensive is used in the middle..
Creation ZI-CT/ Pearl Enamel (PS), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Pearl Enamel (PS) The Pearl Enamels are of similar translucency, perhaps slightl..
Creation ZI-CT/ Shoulder Powder (SP), 15g
Creation ZI-CT / Shoulder Powder (SP) The Shoulder Powder (SP) has a unique fibre optic effect th..
Creation ZI-CT/ Transpa (TI, NT, OT), 20g
Creation ZI-CT / Transpa (TI, NT, OT) The TI incisal powders complement the standard Creation Ena..