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Benzer Colloidal Graphite, 20ml
Benzer Colloidal Graphite, 20ml Colloidal graphite is an extremely precise dye checker which mark..
Benzer Dipol, 1000ml
Benzer Dipol, 1000ml Dipol eliminates surface tension on wax patterns before investing and on rub..
Benzer Gliss, 100ml
Benzer Gliss, 100ml Gliss is a separating agent that contains no grease, silicone, vaseline or al..
Benzer Isopor, 1000ml
Benzer Isopor, 1000ml Plaster / plaster separating agent – separates even the most complex of ..
Benzer Neosep, 30ml
Benzer Neosep, 30ml Heat-resistant, water-soluble separating agent for separating wax from plaste..
Benzer Trenn-Pen, 1 pc
Benzer Trenn-Pen, 1 pc This separating pen prevents porcelains sticking to model surfaces yet doe..